Friday, April 30, 2010

Martiny water

Hola a todos!.... pido disculpas, por favor, por todo este tiempo sin publicar, falto a veces de inspiración hay que dar un vistazo a las cosas buenas de la vida..Dita Von Teese, en una de estas fotos de ella me inspiré para esta pinup, le escribí solicitándole permiso, más nunca recibí respuesta, espero ahora no me envíe preso! jaja, saludos!

Hi all! phew, I apologize, please, for all this time without posting, lacking inspiration sometimes have to take a look at the good things in life ..Dita Von Teese, in one of these pictures of her, I was inspired to make this pinup, I wrote to her asking permission, but never heard back, I hope now she will not send me to prison! haha, cheers!



Abz said...

looks good man :) thanks for stoppin by

Robert said...

Nice Job, Eugenio. The Martini Girl is one of my favorite icons of the pinup genre.


Guto de Oliveira said...

Hello Eugenio, your blog is wonderful, his style is very interesting, I loved your visit and always come to your site from now on, thank you

Florencia Bini said...

gracias Eugenio!!!!
que bonita versión de la chica en la copa de martini!!!
Saludos :)

chris chua said...

Hey Eugenio! Nice lady drawings on your blog! Might I suggest pushing the poses a bit more? You've got some lovely ideas and poses which I think can be exaggerated. Keep up the great work, man!

Sue said...

This is the best yet! I love your Martini Girl. Good job!

Tel Coelho said...

ola Eugenio!!!!!
Gracias pelas palavras!!!!
sobre! seu trabalho eu achei bem legal, as ideias, o traço enfim...

continue a postar mais e mais!!!!!

Gise said...

Hola Euge!!! muy linda y sensual la imagen que has logrado!! saludos grandes muy buena semana!!

GhettoFab said...

Very nice with the curves Eugenio!

Eugenio Enrique said...

Abz, Robert, Thanks guys!!

Guto, thank you very much man, your kind words and great art really motivate me! thanks!!

Florencia gracias miles!!

Chris, I really appreciate your recommendations and the fact that you left a comment! Thanks!!

Wow! Sue, Thank you!!!

Tel, Gracias!! obrigado, parabéns!!

Muchísimas gracias° Gise!!

Hahaha, thanks Mel!