Monday, October 26, 2009


Hola! muchas gracias por pasarte por aquí, recientemente he leído en Yahoo que los disfraces de halloween alusivos a Michael jackson están entre los más buscados en U.S.A. Basándome en esto hice esta ilustración de Michael en su personificación de Zoombie en Thriller, acompañado por dos niños con sus disfraces de Halloween, hace ya algunos meses de su desaparición física, más creo que nunca es tarde para hacer un pequeño homenaje a este gran artista, por cierto, este miércoles 28 será el estreno mundial del documental "Michael Jackson's This is it", seguramente algo imperdible de ver y apreciar!

Bien, les deseo una agradable semana, un abrazo y hasta pronto..!

Hi! thank you very much for stop by here, I recently read on Yahoo that halloween costumes alluding to Michael Jackson are among the most looked in U.S.A. based on that I did this picture of Michael in his personification of zoombie in Thriller, accompanied by two children with their Halloween costumes, already some months ago of his physical disappearance, more I think it's never too late to make a small tribute to this Great Artist! certainly, this Wednesday 28th will be the world premiere of the documentary "Michael Jackson's This is it", surely something unmissable to see and appreciate!

Well, I wish you a pleasant week, a hug and see you soon..!



Bill Robinson said...

Hey man, thanks for stopping by my new blog! Michael Jackson, perfect subject for Halloween!

GhettoFab said...

heheh ah it wouldnt be holloween with out some MJ thriller!!

Awesome post Eugenio


When you put a character in warm colors, paint the background with cool colors ... if .. GREEN ... because, the green is complementary to the red of Jackson´s clothing and the cool colors of the Fund will give more sense of TERROR!


and thanks for the comments

Gise said...

Me gusto mucho el titulo!!! super original. Y el dibujo capta la esencia de M. Jackson. Un gran artista de la musica, y de varias generaciones.
Muy bonito el ambiente recreado en el dibujo acorde a las imagenes, los colores elegidos y los dibujos!!
un saludo grande buena semana!! Gi

Crafting with Sue said...

Ooooooh, I LOVE it!!! It's perfect for Halloween. You are so talented!

BBrito said...

really cool! Thriller is my favourite of MJ songs!! I'm seeing the image a little blurry... maybe it's the scan quality, IDK.
thanks for stopping by my crow blog!

Eugenio Enrique said...

Bill, Mel, Thank you very much for yours nice comments!

Man, cool recomendation, thanks for visit!

Jajá! muchas Gracias Gise! sí, a mí también me gusta el nombre, y de hecho los colores..:D

ThanXX Sue!

Thank you very much Bruna! in my case, my favorite is "Smooth Criminal", and yes, you're right about the picture quality, really is too big to be scanned, and well, put the best picture that I could take, in fact, the original art is much better! Many thanks again!

magnolia said...

ternurita esa imagen

Florencia Bini said...

muy buena idea para ilustrar halloween, quedó igualito!!!

Eugenio Enrique said...

Jajajá! muchas gracias Florencia, Magnolia, gracias! muy bueno tu blog, q' visión de las cosas..!