Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dulce genio..

Espero les guste!
Hope you like it!


Leo Matsuda said...

great stuff man! I really like the painting with the devil and his girlfriend. Very interesting! keep up with the good work!

Eugenio Enrique said...

Yeah! what a taste for me! honestly, is one of my favorites, thank you very much Leo!

hadi tabasi said...
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hadi tabasi said...

you need more practice and life drawing

Eugenio Enrique said...

another artist recommends to me make life drawings, that's ok, many thanks Hadi!

GhettoFab said...

There are some really fun shapes in this Eugenio

I liek the colors as well!

Keep on keepin on

Eugenio Enrique said...

Hey Mel! thank you very much my friend!


jefferson costa said...

muito bacana a genio, superior as demais,
boa composiçao, mas ta faltando
um tratamento de nitidez e cores
no photoshop após o scanner,
como nas demais...
aconselho brincar mais com
situaçoes,...colocar algum motivo para a imagem existir, entende?
mais do que pin-ups...
a estilizaçao dessa ultima ilustraçao esta
em um ótimo caminho.

obrigado pelo comentario.


Eugenio Enrique said...

Hola Jefferson, oye agradezco mucho tus felicitaciones y buenas palabras respecto a la genio, y sobre todo las sugerencias y críticas constructivas que haces al respecto, las tendré muy en cuenta! Espero que entiendas el castellano, muchas gracias por visitar mi blog, hasta luego amigo..


André Toma said...

olá, Eugenio!
muito obrigado pelo comentário no meu blog!
seus trabalhos são excelentes...só concordo com o Jefferson...tá faltando o tratamento de nitidez...

sucesso! grande abraço!

BBrito said...

Hi Eugenio! thanks so much for all your kind words! I've been really busy here with work these past few days, that's why it took me so long to get back to you, sorry!
I agree with Toma and Jefferson, about the scan quality, and I suggest perhaps mixing more the colors, playing a little more with hues and variations, it will add more value to your pics! but keep up the work! we can see you work hard and have a big production! thanks again for the visit on my crow blog! cheers! b.

Eugenio Enrique said...

Hola André! muito obrigado! de verdad, que bien! me motivan mucho las buenas palabras de ustedes(felicitaciones y consejos), mucho éxito para tí también! grande abraço!

Hello Bruna! I'm glad to read your comment here, really, thank you so much for take the time! if I have been kind, what to say about you!? I'm very excited about all these comments, of here in more will serve me as much!! once again, thanks!

Parabens Bruna!