Monday, January 12, 2009

Susanita y "A Tiempo".

Hola! hoy les quiero mostar algunas ilustraciones para un libro infantil ilustrado que he llamado "Susanita y a Tiempo" el cual narra la relación amistosa entre una niña en edad escolar, Susanita, con su reloj despertador y su muñeca de trapo; Hey, si alguien de ustedes conoce de una editorial interesada en nuevos materiales infantiles, por favor, les agradezco, para hacerles llegar otras ilustraciones y el escrito completo del libro.
Y a ustedes, qué les parecen..!?
Saludos, y como siempre gracias por mirar aquí!

Hello! today I want to show some illustrations for an illustrated children's book that I called "Susanita and o'clock" tells the friendly relationship between a girl of school age, Susanita with her alarm clock and your rag doll;Hey, please, I thank you, if someone of you knows about a publishing house been interested in new children's materials, to send all the pictures and the full text of the book.
And you, what do you think!?

Greetings and thanks for watching as always here!


Gise said...

hola, inauguro los comentarios!!, que bueno la idea de ilustrar un libro infantil, yo de chica tenia un libro asi que te enseñaba la hora, y lo bueno que esas imagenes paso el tiempo, pero no me las olvido!! muy lindas ilustarciones y muy buen proyecto. Ojala puedas publicar el libro!!! saludos desde Argentina!!

Eugenio Enrique Herrera Pérez said...

Hola Gise! que bueno que seas tú la primera, muy cierto lo que comentas, las ilustraciones de los libros que uno leyó cuando pequeño no las olvida nunca..gracias por tus amables palabras, como siempre, Saludos, Besotes, y Abrazos desde Venezuela!!!..

Jennifer Zivoin said...

Hi Eugenio,
This is Jennifer Zivoin. You commented on my blog post "my two cents for aspiring illustrators." I took a look at the illustrations for your book. You have a great sense of composition. Before you send these to a publisher, though, you might want to work on the colors. The fields of color are rather flat, so the people and objects don't have much form. You might want to look at the illustrations by Valeria Docampo. She put subtle texture in her work, which is a technique that might be helpful to you. Remember that there needs to be shadows under objects, to help anchor them in the illustrated space. I think this will make your art more marketable, and will help your work to compete better in the publishing market. Also, if you join the Society of CHildrens Book Writers and illustrators (, there is a discussion forum where you can post your artwork, and many artists can give you critiques and feedback. Good luck to you!

Eugenio Enrique Herrera Pérez said...

Hi Jennifer, Simply thank you very much! that honors for me to receive such a constructive critique on behalf of such a charismatic illustrator. I will continue exactly each of your recommendations, thanks for your time really and for being so kind. I will keep on visiting your blog.

Good look & take care!

Nate said...

Hey, Thanks for the comments on my blog. Your work here is nice, my only sugestion would be life drfawing for you. You have a great understanding of characature, but you may want to build your character pose base with more figure drawing, It helped me understand form, balance, shape and gesture in my artwork and it's something that benifits every artsist. best of luck to you.

Eugenio Enrique said...

Nate,honestly, thousand thanks for your suggestion, already several excellent artists as you, they have commented on it to me, obviously I have to do it, thanks for the good wishes, which will also continue your valuable career!